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Nuneaton Composite doors are not only the best for security but amazing for energy efficiency, coated in GRP which stands for Glass Reinforced Plastic, lightweight but extremely strong, this is used to coat the door, giving the door a life of around 30 years. Composite doors look and feel just like wood but require minimum maintenance unlike real wood doors, They are supplied and fitted with a upvc sub-frame available in a variey of colours, multipoint locking our composite security doors are are up to 35% stronger than traditional doors , there are a variety of options to suit every customers choice, Composite doors are easily cleaned low maintenance No painting and ongoing upkeep. Grained surface can easily be wiped clean with a damp cloth. The core of these doors is made from a mixture of materials such as wood, foam and UPVC.

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The UK’s favourite composite door
Door Stop International entered the composite door market in 2008, and they have been dominating it ever since. No other UK manufacturer has come close to producing such a versatile door range and high quality product.
The manufacturing plant in Nottinghamshire is huge, so much so that Door Stop can deliver a door to site from point of order in a staggering three working days. If you are looking for a quality product at a competitive price, this could be the range for you.
  Door Stop Doors at a Glance
Range Of Colours
Thermal Efficiency
Designer Options
Environmental Efficiency
Range Of Options


Thirteen Door Colours

An impressive range of 13 colours is offered, and for the most recent colours added to this list (Poppy Red, Black-brown and Duck Egg Blue) Door Stop asked their customers in an online poll for the colours they wanted the most. Now that’s listening to your customers!
doorstop colours.png


The Edges

The finer details are looked after by Door Stop, as the hinge side is finished with a PVC edging. The lock side of the door is fitted with a 4mm powder coated aluminium lock strip to add strength to the door.

doorstop edges.png


GRP Skinned

The door itself features a GRP skin on either side with a grained finish. This is the same material that is used to make the hulls of boats, so you can be sure it’s pretty resilient! Peace of mind for anyone with animals who love to scratch the door when the postman arrives.

doorstop strength.png



Having a door that is easily reglazable is more important than you might think. Have you ever considered what might happen if the glass unit gets damaged or fails? The Door Stop patented glazing cassette can be easily removed from the inside so you can change the glass over in a matter of minutes and re-use the cassette. Anyone who remembers trying to glaze a composite door when they first emerged will tell you this is a god send!

doorstop reglazable.png



Choosing a Door-Stop door is about you choosing what you want. With the click of a button you can select from one of 4 entirely different furniture suites and lock options.
Stainless Steel

doorstop hardware.png

One common problem with composite and uPVC over the years has been furniture that corrodes over time. This seems a problem nobody has ever cracked…until now that is.
This groundbreaking new hardware suite from Trojan is manufactured from 304-grade stainless steel, and comes with a 10-year corrosion guarantee. In the three years we have been using the stainless steel range we have not had one report of any corroding, so you know this is guarantee you will never have to call upon!
There are standard lever and lever pad options available, along with a range of accessories such as letterbox, numerals, chain and a door knocker. The knocker in particular is a great design as it is face fixed, so there are no ugly boltholes on the back of the door.
The stainless steel range is a prefect hardware option for any home.

Yale Stainless

The new stainless steel range from Yale takes things up another notch – this hardware range is made from marine grade stainless steel (the highest available), making it perfect for homes in coastal areas.
The Superior cylinder and Platinum handle combination is accredited with the TS007* BSi Kitemark – the most secure available for composite doors and locks.
If you are looking for hardware that is ultra secure and can face the toughest of elements, this is the range for you.

doorstop stainless.png


Avocet Affinity

The Avocet Affinity hardware suite has a modern feel whilst still retaining an elegant quality. This is a popular suite as it comes complete with a 3D adjustable butt hinge, making this a good option if you are installing the door yourself.
The other big attraction of this hardware range is the ABS snap secure lock – widely regarded as the best cylinder on the market today. This is the only cylinder that has the TS007 3 Star rating and also the Master locksmiths association’s Sold Secure diamond standard.
This is be a good option if you are concerned about break-ins or attacks on the cylinder.

doorstop affinity.png


Fab & Fix

Fab & Fix are one of the longest running furniture manufacturers in the front door industry, and the fact that Door Stop offers their range is testament to their solid reputation.
The Fab n Fix range lets its reputation do the talking, and is one of the most requested hardware suites with trade customers. We think this is down to the fact that this suite is no-nonsense – good, solid quality handles and letterplates, and a very low corrosion rate makes them appealing to both homeowners and installers.
Due to its robust nature, this furniture may be worth considering if your door gets a lot of use.
Performance Test    Industry Norm    Hardex Electro
Corrosion Resistance    240 hours    1,000 hours
UV Light Resistance    120 hours    500 hours
Abrasion Resistance    5 litres of sand    18 litres of sand
Smear Resistance    100 double rubs    1,000 double rubs
Pencil Hardiness    2N-3N    4N-5N



New Contemporary Hardware

New for 2015, Door Stop has just released a stunning range of stainless steel contemporary hardware.
These sleek handles options are the perfect addition to the more contemporary door styles, and there is also a traditional key only option as well – a hugely popular option for many homeowners.

Contemporary Composite Doors : The Long Bar Suite

It seems today everybody is going crazy for the modern long bar handle, and its easy to see why. Lever handles look great on a traditional door style, but these handles just add something special to a contemporary door design.
The Door Stop offering comes with a clever internal finger pull on the inside, or you can upgrade to an internal long bar handle for an extra cost.
The look is completed with a brushed satin letterbox and designer ingot knocker.

doorstop long bar.png


Contemporary Composite Doors : The Bow Handle Suite

Available with either a long or short bow handle, this is an elegant handle that really defines an entrance door.
Like the long bar suite, this suite includes the satin letterbox and ingot knocker as optional extras, and also comes with the internal finger pull. We recommend a thumb-turn cylinder with any bar style handle; otherwise you will need a key to open the door from the inside every time the door is shut.

doorstop bow handle.png

doorstop bow hardware.png


Contemporary Composite Doors: The Square Suite

This option is for the super contemporary property, and is a fresh new take on the traditional doorknob.
The square handle is a good size, which makes it a great feature of the door, and it is perfectly complimented by the square stainless steel doorknocker.
Customers with an eye for aesthetics are sure to love this hardware suite, and combined with the right door style and colour this is sure to turn a few heads.

doorstop square.png

doorstop square suite.png


Traditional Style Composite Doors:  The Classic Suite

We predict this suite is going to be a huge hit with customers – the reason is that for some homes a lever handle option is just not suitable. Some of the most beautiful entrance doors in the world have the classic centre knob, and for many period homes this is the only option.
The classic suite will give your door that period look whilst still maintaining the security you expect from a modern door. You can also compliment the look further with the ingot stainless steel knocker.

doorstop classic.png

doorstop classis suite.png


 Hardware Comparison

  Lock Mechanism Options
Door Stop offer six different locking mechanisms – please see the chart across for a comparison of each locks features. All locks meet the highest security standards, and you can even choose any locking option with any furniture suite. Please note by default we supply the Yale lock with stainless steel hardware.

doorstop hardware comparison.png

  Lock Mechanisms Compared

doorstop lock mechanisms.png

  ERA Vectis cylinder-free lock

This lock is different from the rest in that it has a traditional mortice key, so there is no Euro cylinder because the key engages directly with the multi-point lock.
This gives you two benefits – firstly the door has a traditional locking system that gives a classic feel to the door. This is a good additional if you have a period house. No cylinder also means there is no risk of forced entry by attacking the cylinder, which is the primary way that burglars try to enter a front door.

doorstop era.png


 Winkhaus AV2 “Slam Lock”

Traditionally a lever handle had to be lifted up in order for the hooks to throw into the frame at the top and bottom. The slam lock changes all of this; so that when the door is shut into the frame the hooks automatically throw into the doorframe.
This is peace of mind that the door is secure as soon as it is shut, and it can be bolted from the inside by a simple turn of the key.

  High Security Yale Cylinder

This cylinder is one of the best available on the market, and has gone through an impressive array of tests. The cylinder is anti-bump, anti-snap, drill, pick, torque, tamper and force resistant.
This cylinder also comes with an impressive 5 security keys as standard, which is why we now supply this cylinder with every Door Stop door by default at no extra cost. The lifetime warranty isn’t bad either.

  Yale Digital Rim Lock

The traditional rim lock has been keeping homes safe for many years, but now it has evolved…the digital rim lock still provides traditional convenience and additional security, but you won’t need to worry about that additional key.
This clever little lock has an illuminated touch screen so you can gain access by using a pin number instead of that tatty old gold key that somehow keeps getting lost.


Yale Keyfree
The Yale Keyfree handle is a customer favourite and an innovation in door technology. This handle lets you secure the door using either the keypad or the fob (yes, you can open the door just like you would your car!).
Door Stop introduced this handle in 2010, and over the years we have found it to be extremely reliable and a real addition to any door. If you want a state of the art locking system that won’t let you down, look no further.

  Yale Keyfree in Action

doorstop keyfree in action.png

 Frame Options

Door Stop offer their own outer frame as standard, but there are also other options to cater for different projects or requirements. The Rehau frame is a notable addition, considered possibly the finest uPVC profile on the market. There is also a sculptured option available.

doorstop frame options.png

doorstop frame profiles.png

 Thermal efficiency

The future of the planet is something that Door Stop take pride in, and they take steps to ensure they are reducing their carbon footprint. That’s why all doors are offered with a thermal upgrade option to help reduce energy bills.

  Green Doors, now available in all colours

The welfare of the planet has always been a priority for Door Stop International, which is proven by the extensive recycling program they run at the factory. They also avoid the use of lead based additives in the manufacture of the door frames, opting instead for a calcium zinc based compound. The core of the door is also CFC-free.

doorstop colours.png

 Energy rating certificates

Door Stop Doors are rated by the British Fenestration Rating Council, and in 2011 supplied the first A rated composite door. New energy regulations for doors mean manufacturers have to provide compliance – every Door Stop door will come with a BFRC energy rating certificate for your peace of mind.
This is not a generic document that some manufacturers provide – every individual door has an energy rating calculated based on the individual options.

  Energy efficient doors

Every Door Stop door exceeds current building regulations for energy efficiency, meaning that every door has a U value of at least 1.8. The U Value is a measure of the doors energy efficiency; the lower the U-Vale, the more efficient the door.
You can increase the U value and energy efficiency of a Door Stop door very easily by choosing a thermal upgrade.

  Carbon Footprint

Door Stop are always taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint – all doors are made right here in the UK, and delivery routes are carefully planned to minimise the amount of fuel used.
  GRP – the longest product lifespan
Door Type    Expected Life    Maintenance
Softwood Door    25 Years    Paint, 5 Years
Hardwood Door    35 Years    Paint, 5 Years
Steel Composite Door    30 Years    Wipe Clean
PVC Composite Door    25 Years    Wipe Clean
GRP Composite Door    35 Years    Wipe Clean
PVC Panel Door    20 Years    Wipe Clean
Information from HAPM (Housing Association Provident Mutual) and BRE (Building Research Establishment)

  Colour all round

Door Stop offers a complete coloured door on both sides in both rosewood and golden oak options. All hardware is coordinated in this colour, from the threshold to the door drip and edges to give a striking appearance. This option is perfect for period and classically styled homes that do not long for white UPVC.doorstop colour all round.png

 Thresholds and Drips

The Door Stop low aluminium threshold is a great addition to the door – colour coded to the frame colour in powder coated aluminium, these thresholds are part M complaint and suitable for wheel chair access.
We also recommend this threshold as standard – not only it is robust and easy to clean, it is less of a trip hazard than standard PVC thresholds.

doorstop thresholds.png


 Side Panels

Aside from the usual glass options, Door Stop offer a range of matching composite side panels that perfectly compliment the door. Choose from the full colour and glass range – you can even select the letterbox in the side panel too.

doorstop side panels.png